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What is a Medical Abortion?

Medical abortion, is a non-surgical approach to terminating a pregnancy between the gestational ages of 5 and 9 weeks. The medication is commonly known as Mifeprex, and its generic name Mifepristone or also referred to as RU-486. Watch video

We are fortunate at Old National Gyn, in that our medical director was one of the Principal Investigators who did the early clinical trials that allowed the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), to make this pill available as an alternative to surgical abortions in the early first trimester. He has vast experience with the variations in which this drug may be administered and in the success of these regimens.

Even though we have substantial evidence that the various methods of administering this pill are safe and effective, the FDA has approved only one regimen for administration in the US. While some clinics and private offices may use the FDA approved method, our medical directors experience and direct involvement in the clinical trials, allows us to use an “off label” regimen which is both safe and effective.

Mifeprex is used with another medication called Misoprostol or cytotec. The combination of the two drugs creates a process similar to a miscarriage to end the pregnancy. The first of the two drugs, Mifeprex, is administered in the office by a physician. This medication is taken by mouth to prevent the hormones of pregnancy from being effective in maintaining the pregnancy. The second medication is Misoprostol, which is taken at home by mouth 24 to 48 hours after the patient has taken the Mifeprex. The Misoprostol causes the patient to have contractions, which induces the expulsion of the pregnancy. Usually within 6 hours of taking this second medication, the patient begins to experience the onset of the medical abortion. There will be bleeding which varies from moderate menstrual type blood flow, to extreme heavy bleeding. Heavy bleeding is not an indication that something is wrong. For some patients this is extremely normal. We have someone available by phone, 24 hours a day to answer questions, if a patient is concerned about the amount of bleeding that she may be experiencing.

The patient will return to Old National Gyn two weeks following the onset of this bleeding. At that time we will perform both an ultrasound (sonogram) and a pregnancy test to make sure that the abortion is complete. In rare instances another course of Misoprostol may be given to remove any residual tissue or blood clots. Depending upon the patients bleeding pattern or the amount of residual tissue seen on ultrasound, surgical intervention might be recommended.

Medical abortions are not for everyone, but it does allow the patient to complete the abortion in the privacy and familiar surroundings of her home.



We know you have other choices and we thank you for letting us care for you in this difficult time. Our office is conveniently located just off I-285 near Hartsfield airport with ample free parking and close to all major hotels. Please contact our office for detailed directions and appointments.

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